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Friday, July 25, 2014

CaseManager - Case Management For The Rest Of Us

CaseManager. Casemanager You know you want a better way to manage your matters, and keep track of your calendar and time. But, most of the case management software is complicated, expensive, and requires monthly subscription or support fees. What if you could get basic time and matter record keeping for a total of $30 for your notebook computer, and $20 for your mobile devices, be they Android or iWhatever? $50. That's it. No more costs, no future payments, just plain, unvarnished cross-platform management of your matters. Of course, this isn't the rocket scientist's case management; but, it will get the job done. You can enter time, events, or tasks from your phone or tablet anywhere in the world. This software will get the job done. The only disadvantage I can see for CaseManager is the fact that it only syncs to Dropbox. Give it a shot. And, they don't pay me anything to say this stuff, although they do advertise on my page.

By Rick Georges, FutureLawyer

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