Selected Features

CaseManager Guides Your Day

CaseManager starts with today’s calendar, showing your Events and Tasks (unless you choose not to see Tasks). If you need your Week or Month, just tap or click.

Global Calendar on a desktop or laptop

You can add Events or Tasks by clicking the "+".

Global Calendar on a phone

Newsfeed and Comic of the Day

For a little entertainment, there's the Newsfeed of interesting legal articles and the Comic of the Day (Winter 2016).

Newsfeed and Comic of the Day on iPad

Every Case Well Organized

You access your cases and matters (and add new ones) from the Cases list.

Cases List on a phone

To focus on a particular case, tap the case from the list to view the case Dashboard. There reside the 8 categories of information CaseManager organizes for you.

Case Dashboard on a PC

Case Dashboard on a phone

Selecting any of the categories yields a list of the stored items. To add a new item, click the "+".

Time & Expenses

There are several easy ways to record your billable work. If the work was a planned Event or Task, just go to the Event or Task, tap "Send to Time & Expenses", enter the billing rate and amount of work done, and you’re finished. Another way: use Timer to time the work while you are doing it. In both ways work appears in the list of time slips, which you can print.

Task screen with Button for Send to Time and Expense

Complete the time slip by inserting the time and rate

If the work was not planned, simply choose Time & Expenses, create a time slip with the "+", and fill out the billing rate and amount of work.


Are you in court? CaseManager stores your case documents and you can access them with or without the internet. If you’re online, go to your Dropbox file. If court rule forbid online access, download the files in advance into your Case Documents folder. Then you can create and review your information with or without the internet. Either way your cases and documents are in your hands in seconds.

Court document on iPad

Notes on the Fly

In front of the judge? No problem—you can make notes by hand if you can’t type and they’re in the case file forever. (You can even email them.)

Handwritten note on phone

With CaseManager's 8 categories of information, you can pretty much do everything you have to do!

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