Five Little Mac Apps That Help Lawyers a Lot

Brett Burney Friday, 02 June 2017

Five Little Mac Apps That Help Lawyers a Lot

One of the biggest challenges for Mac-using lawyers is that the vast majority of legal software is Windows-only (unlike CaseManager). But here's a list of Mac-only software utilities that will give you an edge:


1. TextExpander (Smile Software, $40/yr) -- Why not let your computer type for you? After all, computers are supposed to make our lives (and law practices) easier. When you type a short "snippet," TextExpander expands out a word, phone number, text paragraphs, forms, etc. For example, I'm constantly having to type the current date but I have to look it up, and sometimes I fat-finger the wrong numbers. But when I type "ddt" TextExpander immediately expands out to the current (and accurate!) date in the format I specify. TextExpander syncs to all my computers (Windows too!) and mobile devices.


2. Hazel (Noodlesoft, $32) -- Think of Hazel as your file-management butler since it'll perform all kinds of actions on files and folders on your behalf. For example, if you download photographs to a specified folder on your Mac, Hazel can then automatically copy them to the Photos app and move the originals to Trash. Or when you scan files Hazel can automatically rename them and move them to the proper folder. Or Hazel can import songs into iTunes and trash the original files.


3. Default Folder X (St. Clair Software, $34.95) -- If it takes too long for you to find the right folder when you're saving a file, then you need Default Folder X. The software adds a few functions to your Open and Save dialog boxes that let you immediately save files to folders you have open in the background, or directly to folders that you've tagged as "favorites."


4. 1Password (AgileBits, starts at $35/yr) -- Stop wasting brainpower on remembering passwords! 1Password is one of the best password managers on the market (now on Windows too!) and is an absolute must for protecting your online life. You can use a shortcut key to automatically type your username and password to log you into websites with a good, secure, long password. And if you're using the same password on more than one website, then you are flirting with insecurity -- 1Password will ensure that you stay safe and will sync your logins to all your computers and mobile devices.


5. Paste (Wirelessheads, $9.99) -- How often are you copying and pasting items on your Mac? By default, you can only copy & paste one item at time, but the Paste app gives you a visual clipboard history of everything so you can copy & paste multiple times! The additional Paste Helper app lets you paste directly into any application on the Mac, and even lets you set a keyboard shortcut for pasting plain text.


While none of these apps are legal-specific, they are must-haves for Mac-using lawyers because they will save you time and frustration.

Brett Burney authors the blog Macs in Law <> and also publishes short video reviews of apps for legal professionals at Apps in Law <>.

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