Easy Affordable Practice Management for Lawyers, Therapists, and Consultants

Three customized apps for the legal, therapeutic, and consulting professions that are ideal for any solo or small group practices.
Now, they are more affordable than ever: a one-time price of just $10 for mobile devices, $50 for desktop/laptops.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use, and Affordable

Meet the CaseManager Suite

CaseManager for

Since 2011, helping lawyers get organized simply and affordably.

CaseManager for

Whether you’re a psychologist, psychiatrist, chiropractor, masseuse, physical therapist, home-care nurse, speech therapist, or any other kind of therapist, CaseManager can give you more organization for little cost.

CaseManager for Consultants

Do you consult in the fields of engineering, construction, finance, investment, IT, test-taking, college applications, market research, management, environmental regulation, marketing, career-counseling, or any other kind of consulting? CaseManager can give you more organization for less money.

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“I have found CaseManager to be very functional and intuitive. The learning curve is not steep.”


“CaseManager is a simple and easy-to-use solution.”

Jeffrey Richardson, iPhoneJD

“… for easy, intuitive practice management at an affordable, fixed price, CaseManager will get the job done.”

Robert Ambrogi, LawSitesblog.com

“The application is aces…”

Matthew B. Lowy, Lowy Law, P.L.L.C.

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Download the CaseManager that is right for you. CaseManager is available for all major platforms.

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Our Story

GoodCase Apps was founded by John Upton, a civil rights attorney who was frustrated that, wherever his work took him, he still had to rely on the crude resources of pen and paper for note-taking, scheduling, and the like. There had to be a better way, so he built CaseManager for Lawyers in 2011. Now come CaseManager for Therapists and CaseManager for Consultants to help even more practitioners get order.

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