Case Manager for Therapists

  • Sessions are scheduled by merely tapping/clicking the desired time slot and picking the patient. To re-schedule, just drag it.
  • Click “Send Invoice” to automatically attach invoice for unbilled sessions in an email to your patient together with your pre-made customized greeting. Click Send and billing’s done!
  • Like Google Calendar? No problem–synchronize your CaseManager Calendar with Google Calendar.
  • Want more order in your billing list? You can filter it for work “Billed”, “Unbilled”, and “Paid.

  • Extensive Profile section for patients.


Have you been managing your practice with unintegrated independent applications that often do not work well together? Now, without spending an arm and a leg, you can download an application that pulls together the primary elements of your practice.


The way you like it–informative and fast.


Associated with your patient, or in a global list. Email with a click.


You’ll never lose something your patient said or something that came to you unexpectedly. Put them in with speech, keyboard, or even your finger.


Associate documents of any type with your patient–view them in their native app on any device.


Write your to-dos once–use in global list or associated with your patient.

Time & Expenses

No one likes this so we make it just the minimum number of clicks from work done to the invoice attached to an email (or in a pdf).

Save Time & Tidy Your Desk

Keep track of everything important to your business easily and anywhere.

Make Your Life Easier

“I have found CaseManager to be very functional and intuitive. The learning curve is not steep.”


“CaseManager is a simple and easy-to-use solution.”

Jeffrey Richardson, iPhoneJD

“… for easy, intuitive practice management at an affordable, fixed price, CaseManager will get the job done.”

Robert Ambrogi,

“The application is aces…”

Matthew B. Lowy, Lowy Law, P.L.L.C.

Get CaseManager for Therapists

Download the CaseManager that is right for you. CaseManager is available for all major platforms.

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