As more solo attorneys adopt practice management software I hear the same complaint over, and over, again.

“I don’t want to pay for this every single month for the rest of my life.”

Understandable if you are a solo, with a practice that is predictable servicing only a couple of clients, or just got your first case. Full blown, full featured, totally integrated with everything in your life software might just not make sense for you.

And… that’s ok! Now, you have a choice.

Case Manager, a simple, straightforward case management software for solo’s who aren’t looking to grow or just need something to keep them organized as they get started will be pleased to hear there’s a one-time fee software option available in the marketplace.

Case Manager is a Windows, Mac and mobile friendly practice management software sold for a one-time payment of $35 or $75. That’s all!

Track your time, create invoices, link cases to Dropbox for file storage, and sync your calendar. Finally, an easy to use case management system, without the worry of monthly payments.

But, what does it really do?

First, keep this in mind. You download CaseManager onto one or more devices. Then, jump into any one of the features below to start working on your caseload.

Matter Organization

Access a list of all cases and matters, from the Cases List. Tap or click on a case from the Case Dashboard and dive into a screen that breaks up case specific information for you in colored blocks: Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Events, Documents, Tasks, Time & Expenses, and Facts. Edit the main case page, where the case description lives, or contact details from the same screen.


Sync to Google Calendar and stay on schedule no matter where your day might take you. Helpful FAQ’s and support documentation make the syncing process easy to set-up.


Create and mark tasks complete specific to matter or see a full list in the tasks section.

Document Storage

If you are a raving Dropbox fan, you’ll love the nearly instant connection with CaseManager. Add documents one by one inside the case file. Then a folder will be created for you in your Dropbox account, which also creates an extra backup for your case related documents.

Time & Billing

Enter manual time records, or use the convenient stop watch to record time while you work. Generate invoices, print time slips, and keep track of billable time out of the office.

Expense Management

Take a picture of receipts and upload them from your phone. Add them to invoices, and keep the financial side of your house in order.

Stylus Friendly Note-taking

For our tablet and mobile note takers out there, rejoice! Built in handwritten note options are at the ready. Start a new note when you’re in front of the judge and tackle your follow up items back at the office.

Offline Accessibility

Cloud products are great… until the internet goes out. Or you’re in the bellows of a local courthouse and the document you need is only accessible when you have a connection. CaseManager is a locally installed app that syncs when connected to the web. Which make your documents and key case information available whenever you need it.

Where did CaseManager come from?

If you haven’t heard of this hidden gem before, you can thank Attorney and Founder John Upton. A former Civil Rights attorney Upton created CaseManager out of the frustration of wanting something very functional and mobile friendly. All in all, he and his team have done a great job of offering users a strong set of tools to manage and maintain their caseload on the go.

What’s hard work worth, without a little play?

To lighten the mood and keep you in good spirits, CaseManager includes a Newsfeed of interesting legal articles and get this… a Comic of the Day! Clearly the founder had a rough day or two of his own while practicing, as this is a lighthearted and well received addition to the simplicity of the tool.

So, if paying a monthly fee for software is the last thing you want to do. Are just getting your business started, or want an easy to use mobile friendly case management tool you can learn more, and download Case Manager visit: